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Implementing national EU action plans to reduce pesticides now

Plant strengthening for commercial farming

The objective of the EU is to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and thus, to protect and improve natural resources.

By the year 2018, the use of pesticides in Germany shall be reduced by at least 25%. In France by 50%. Thus, get fit for the future right now. Bioplant Naturverfahren GmbH is your strong partner for a successful transition.

Thanks to our long-proven sustainable production concept with BIPLANTOL®, a significant reduction of chemical pesticides of up to 90% and the associated cost savings and occupational safety can be easily implemented for every horticultural business.

BIPLANTOL® products increase vitality and strengthen preventively against fungal and animal damage.

Strengthening makes the plant more stress tolerant. The symbiosis between plant and soil organisms is supported so that the plants can develop optimally.

Vital plants can be marketed more easily.

All BIPLANTOL® products comply with EC Organic Regulation (EC) 834/2007 and Regulation (EC) 889/2008. The products are listed in the FiBL catalogue of organic inputs.

3 strong partners for your success:

- "more vitality" BIPLANTOL® agrar the universal strengthening for plants

- "less fungi" BIPLANTOL® mykos V forte preventive strengthening against fungal infestation

- "hardly any pests" BIPLANTOL® X2 forte preventive strengthens against pest insects

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