Plant health and growth vigour - Englisch

Homoeopathy promotes plant health and growth vigour

The motto underpinning BIPLANTOL® is not „a lot helps a lot“. But it gives the plant (organism) an impulse that stabilises the system or regulates disorders. Innumerable intricate processes take place as plants grow. Influences of various kinds can easily disrupt the orderly course of these processes. With our homoeopathic products we have found ways and means to focus on promoting the biological, organisational processes, to create a balance or to stabilise an existing balance. Thus, BIPLANTOL® makes an active contribution to regenerate diseased and weakened plants and to keep healthy plants healthy. Over the years or during a vegetation period an imbalance can be caused by external stress factors (e.g. unfavourable soil conditions, climate stress, fertilisation errors, chemical influences, etc.). The result of this is a reduced ability of the plant for resistance and regeneration. This instability may not always be visible instead shows when additional stress factors are added. BIPLANTOL® supports plants to correct malfunctions or to promote vital functions such as defence responses against a disease.