Homoeopathy works for plants too - Englisch

The use of homoeopathy is generally known from human and veterinary medicine. The fact that homoeopathy can also contribute significantly to crop health and by now widely used is still relatively new to many.

The homoeopathic complex remedy BIPLANTOL® was developed by Konrad Würthle, a druggist and naturalist from Constance, on the occasion of the forest dying debate in the 70s and 80s for the restoration of trees and is based on the biochemical functional agents according to Dr. med. Schüßler and the experience of natural healing in humans among others.

The basis for the resulting BIPLANTOL® product series is a combination of natural plant extracts, minerals and trace elements in homoeopathic-dynamic form (D6-D100). BIPLANTOL® is a biochemical-physical complex and neither a plant protection product nor fertilizer in classical form, but a subtle functional agent for the control of biological processes (functional control of life and exchange processes). Due to its intrinsic structure, BIPLANTOL® has a regulating effect on the metabolism of the plant and supports the natural life processes in the soil. The substances contained in BIPLANTOL® develop during the dynamisation in different homoeopathic stages "potentiated" effect.

This phenomenon promotes the development of resistance mechanisms in the plant. Thanks to continuous research and further development, horticultural, agricultural and community-use products are now available to promote plant growth and plant health, which can be applied by casting or spraying.
Homoeopathy promotes plant health and growth vigour

The motto underpinning BIPLANTOL® is not „a lot helps a lot“. But it gives the plant (organism) an impulse that stabilises the system or regulates disorders. Innumerable intricate processes take place as plants grow. Influences of various kinds can easily disrupt the orderly course of these processes. With our homoeopathic products we have found ways and means to focus on promoting the biological, organisational processes, to create a balance or to stabilise an existing balance. Thus, BIPLANTOL® makes an active contribution to regenerate diseased and weakened plants and to keep healthy plants healthy. Over the years or during a vegetation period an imbalance can be caused by external stress factors (e.g. favourable soil conditions, climate stress, fertilisation errors, chemical influences, etc.). The result of this is a reduced ability of the plant for resistance and regeneration. This instability may not always be visible instead shows when additional stress factors are added. BIPLANTOL® supports plants to correct malfunctions or to promote vital functions such as defence responses against a disease.

Healthy soil, healthy plant

Soil microorganisms are an important component of soil life and plant health (interaction, communication between plants and mycorrhizae). The promotion of microorganisms in the rhizosphere (the area around plant roots) can contribute substantially to keeping plants healthy. In the soil, BIPLANTOL® affects the health of the plant indirectly by supporting soil organisms. Since a balanced diet is a prerequisite for vital plant growth, the homoeopathic products contain all the essential nutrients and trace elements in homoeopathic form. Fertilisation is by no means redundant, but the plant can absorb and utilise the existing nutrients better. The plant extracts and uronic acids contained in BIPLANTOL® (plant mucilage) reduce stress-related disorders in the plants development. They also have a positive influence on the detoxification of the plant and support its metabolism. The homoeopathically processed humus components in BIPLANTOL® promote soil life and root growth of the plant. The nutrient supply and the interaction of soil bacteria, beneficial soil fungi (mycorrhiza) and the roots are improved.